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correctly, a success message should be displayed. As with other administrative tools, good judgment and appropriate use are expected; improper use can lead to sanctions or desysopping. If a revision's visibility is modified using RevisionDelete, and the revision is later deleted or undeleted, the links in the delete log and elsewhere may break. The suppression option is included for completeness, although this is only visible to users with oversight access. The revision must be reverted first. When contacting editors about sensitive material, email is preferred to talk page messages, to avoid exposing information to more readers. It will appear in bold if suppression has been applied, in which case both the redacted material and its deletion settings cannot be accessed by administrators or users who lack access to the oversight tool. Providing such notice is at the administrator's discretion. Deletion mandated by a decision of the Arbitration Committee. Hiding of a username or IP should only be used where that username or IP has a reason in and of itself to be hidden, such as accidentally editing logged out or an attack username. You can send a message to any administrator in Category:Wikipedia administrators willing to handle RevisionDelete requests either at their talk page or by email, especially if privacy is a concern. In this case, all of the intermediate edits must be deleted to fully hide the edit's contents.

Wikipedia:Revision deletion: Hieronta sex free sex pictures

Pitkä englanti luiseva sisään kangasala Delete the entire page then selectively restore revisions) as a method of deleting revisions is deprecated in favor of this system. Only administrators can see the material when it is RevisionDeleted (and before oversight but even so it may sometimes be more discreet to contact oversighters directly, and not use RevDelete first. It is therefore not necessary the target(s) be identifiable, to treat the situation as if a target exists. Username hiding (copyright attribution issues Wikipedia's licenses require that accessible edits be linked to the user who performed them, so it is generally a problem to hide the username from a revision while leaving their edited changes to the page in public view.
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hieronta sex free sex pictures

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The button can usually be clicked by an administrator to view selected redacted entries. Administrators should consult as usual if uncertain that a revision would be appropriate to redact. Log entries created in the public deletion log look like those displayed to the right, for page revision and log entries visibilities respectively. Redaction is shown to all users. RevisionDelete can be used to hide any privacy-breaching and/or defamation posts while waiting for Oversight. Especially, RevisionDelete does not hieronta sex free sex pictures exist to remove "ordinary" offensive comments and incivility, or unwise choices of wording between users, nor to redact block log entries. Technical details The effects of two different visibility combinations on a page history. If RevisionDelete is used, avoid obvious suggestive terms in the reason (e.g. It does not matter whether the privacy-breaching material was posted by the user themselves or by a third party, whether in good or bad faith, recently or in the past, whether accurate, whether the target is identifiable to the. Limitations and issues The most recent revision on a page, including the username and the edit summary, cannot be redacted. ( The action must not be likely to be contentious or controversial; consult if needed ).

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